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Born Again Drifter - Tay Tay
Published: 28 days ago
We found this broken 180SX a few years ago, so we decided to fix it. This is the story of Tay Tay. Music: 'Horizons' by MOOG Featuring Erin Renee ITUNES: ...
Published: 24 days ago
Marty and Moog head to LA to embark on a budget build off with rival TV show Roadkill. With a tiny budget and just a couple of days to build it, they'll have to pull ...
Turbocharged Vs Supercharged - Part 2
Published: 3 months ago
In this series we are looking at Turbos Vs SuperChargers. In this 2nd instalment we finish the Turbo'd MX5 and prepare the cars for their first battle - the dyno.
The Mini-Truck and Road Runner Episode! - Roadkill Ep. 58
Published: 12 days ago
On this episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge, both David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan get their dream car! Who wins that game is up to you: Is it Finnegan ...
How To Install Lowered Springs
Published: 5 years ago
In this episode, the boys take you through the steps of installing lowered springs. Using the MCM Fan Funded show car (Daihatsu Cuore 'MIGHTY MIRA'), the ...
Monster Energy: Ballistic B.J. Baldwin - #RECOIL
Published: 3 years ago
How do B.J. Baldwin, a 850-horsepower Trophy Truck with 34-inches of suspension roaring pell-mell across the Mojave Desert at 150 miles an hour doing ...
MOD MAX - Episode 1
Published: 1 year ago
The Mighty Car Mods boys begin an epic new build in the style of Mad Max with new cars and new mods... EPISODE 2 OUT NOW: ...
World's Greatest Drag Race!
Published: 5 years ago
With an empty airstrip and eleven of the best driver's cars in the world, we put on the world's greatest drag race. Read the entire 2011 Best Drivers Car story ...
How To Repair Scratched & Guttered Wheels
Published: 4 years ago
Mighty Car Mods All New Magazine Issue Available Here: in this episode the boys from Mighty Car Mods ...
Turbocharged Vs Supercharged - Part 3 [Dyno Battle]
Published: 3 months ago
We take our two MX5's to the Dyno to compare the two different setups. More info on Supercharger install here: ...
Turbocharged vs. Supercharged - Part 1
Published: 3 months ago
In part 1 of this special series of videos we put two NB MX5's head to head. One with a Supercharger and one with a Turbocharger, to find out which is the ...
2600hp Ford Falcon??? The DIRTY BIRD
Published: 3 years ago
One badass bird! This 1968 Ford Falcon running on 275 Drag Radials lays down around 2600hp through its 449ci Small Block Ford with a pair of 88mm Turbos, ...