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BURN OR BLISS! Extreme Hot & Spicy Chocolate Challenge - Family Fun Games
Published: 3 months ago
Hi friends:) WOW!! Super Hot Chilli Chocolate,my dad was so funny and he really got some bad pieces of the burn or bliss chocolate,it's the most hot and spicy ...
1.5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Huge Surprise Twozies Giveaway! Toys AndMe ❤️
Published: 5 months ago
Hi friends, Thank you all so much for being awesome fans to my YouTube channel,i hope i can keep you entertained for many years to come:) ❤ Tiana!
Kids React To First Flight On Airplane - Kids Singing Songs & Dancing | Toys AndMe
Published: 4 months ago
Hi friends:) Here is my second video from the this weeks episodes,this time i am reacting to my first flight on a airplane lol,and singing and dancing,i hope you ...
GROSS Roulette Toy Challenge - Extreme Sour Warheads Candy - Kids vs Food - Surprise Eggs - Shopkins
Published: 2 months ago
Hi friends FAM TASTIC YAY:) We played the roulette toy challenge GROSS style and it was fun with my mum,and we opened some super cool toys. Snowflakes ...
Scary Water Park Rides & Slides - Giant Water Bubble - Water Park Video For Kids
Published: 6 months ago
Hi friends:) This was the best day so far i really loved this waterpark the rides and slides were super cool,there was some really scary slides that we all was so ...
Tiana - Snowflakes Magical Christmas Song (Official Music Video) Toys AndMe
Published: 3 months ago
Hi friends! Here is the brand new video of my Christmas song Snowflakes! Snowflakes is available now via iTunes and Amazon! Snowflakes Links iTunes ...
Freaky Gross Soda Challenge! Drinks Helmet Guessing Game - Shopkins - Gummy Candy - Surprise Eggs
Published: 4 months ago
Hi friends:) Me and Isla did the super gross soda challenge today LOL We had so much fun with the drinks helmets,the guessing was so hard but funny,we also ...
Shopkins Season 7 Party At Toys R Us - Meet And Greet - Surprise Toys For Fans | Toys AndMe
Published: 18 days ago
Hi friends:) I had the best day ever at Toys R Us Shopkins International Party Day and i was so happy to see you all today at the meet and greet.Thanks for ...
Bad Kids Driving Parents Car! Giant Spiders Attack Girl - Toys AndMe (SKIT)
Published: 19 days ago
Hi friends:) YES i am driving again and this time me and Isla go to a reptile shop and we have a very spooky moment with some giant spiders LOL:) Snowflakes ...
BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE! Parents Eat Super Gross Jelly Beans Candy - Daddy Freaks Out
Published: 23 days ago
Hi friends:) My Mum and Dad try the Bean Boozled Challenge and it was so funny to see there reaction lol,super gross jelly beans. Stay FAMTASTIC` BEAN ...
Orbeez Toy Challenge - Minecraft - Shopkins Toy Opening - Surprise Toys For Kids
Published: 2 months ago
Hi friends:) YES Summer did win the ORBEEZ TOY CHALLENGE And she went crazy LOL So funny and the challenge was awesome fun,Orbeez were ...
Bad Kids Driving Parents Car - Toy Hunt Shopping (PART 2 SKIT)
Published: 3 months ago
Hi friends:) Here is part 2 of Bad Kids!! I love this episode,me and Summer had such a good time in my parents car and the toy hunt was so much fun.Thumbs up ...