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Watch This 8-Year-Old Sister Save Her Baby Brother From Kidnapping
Published: 1 year ago
More from Inside Edition: A menacing kidnapper was caught on surveillance camera running down the street with a toddler that was ...
Couple Didn't Tell Anyone They Were Having Twins - See The Shocked Reactions!
Published: 1 year ago
Sharon and Korey Rademacher knew that they were having twins but kept it a surprise from all their friends and family. When everyone came to visit they thought ...
Twin Sisters Each Give Birth to a Set of Twins for The Second Time
Published: 11 months ago
Defying all the odds, identical twin sisters Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall from Utah, gave birth to sets of twins for the second time each. Wall gave birth to her pair ...
Paralyzed Teen Who Shocked Nurse by Walking is Getting Ready to Dance at Prom
Published: 1 year ago
Bailey Murrill shocked her nurse when she began walking after being paralyzed for 11 days from the waist down and now she's getting ready to dance at prom!
Man Who Credited Taylor Swift to Losing 425 Pounds Gets Excess Skin Removed
Published: 11 months ago
One of Taylor Swift's biggest fans was inspired to lose 425 pounds by working out to her music. Ronnie Brower underwent more than 15 hours of surgery remove ...
Homeowner Catches Robbers Breaking Into Home On Live Video
Published: 9 months ago
When two alleged thieves smashed the glass of a homeowner's back door, they had no idea it triggered a surveillance system that recorded their every move.
Twin Teens: One Black, One White, Celebrate Their Differences
Published: 1 year ago
Twins Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twins but most people wouldn't believe it based on their appearance. They have the same mom and dad but Lucy has pale ...
Watch an EMT Propose to a Woman He Rescued After Being Stabbed 32 Times
Published: 1 year ago
Melissa Dohme was getting ready to throw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game but she had no idea that her EMT boyfriend, Cameron Hill, had ...
Watch a Fisherman Catch and Rescue Two Kittens Swimming in River
Published: 1 year ago
When this fisherman went out on the water this weekend, he made an unexpected catch. Jason Frost and his friend Brandon were fishing on the Warrior River in ...
Watch These Kids Choose Between A Gift For Themselves Or Their Parents
Published: 1 year ago
More from Inside Edition: The children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta were given the tough decision of choosing a present for ...
'No More Caveman!' Homeless Piano Prodigy Stunned by His Remarkable Makeover
Published: 1 year ago
Donald Gould sat down at a piano at a public arts exhibit in Sarasota, Florida, and stunned people with his talent. Now, Gould has a chance for a new beginning.
Exclusive: Here's What It's Really like to Raise Quadruplets
Published: 1 year ago
She's America's most shocked mom! A photo of her that was taken of her after she found out she was having quadruplets went viral.