Best Fails of the Year 2016 (So Far) || FailArmy Fail Compilation
Published: 8 months ago
Holy crap 2016 is going so fast!!! We picked out the best clips from January to June and made a compilation. Thank you for all the submissions!! Let us know ...
Confidence is Key: Fails of the Week (December 2016) || FailArmy
Published: 2 months ago
The pathway to greatness is paved with failure. Keep trying, fail harder, and send us your videos at! Leave some love in the comments section.
Fails of the Month October 2016 || FailArmy
Published: 4 months ago
October might be coming to a close but the fails aren't slowing down anytime soon. Here are the best funny fail videos of this month!! Let us know your thoughts ...
FailArmy Presents: People Are Awesome! Wins vs. Fails #2
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Enjoy another round of Wins vs. Fails with People are Awesome!! Let us know your favorites in the comments section and as ...
Fails of the Week: Do What You Can! (February 2017) || FailArmy
Published: 25 days ago
Another week of failure, done! Let us know which clips made you laugh the hardest and as always, send us your funny fail videos to!! Watch Next ...
The Best Fails of All Time (So Far) || by FailArmy
Published: 11 months ago
Here they are, the best fails of all time so far. A lot of you guys have asked us to do an ultimate fails compilation ever and this seems like the right time to do it.
Best Police Fails Compilation by FailArmy || Funniest Cops and Robbers
Published: 1 year ago
We've compiled the funniest videos of those who live to enforce the law... and those who break it. Whether its robbery fails, police pranks or otherwise, we've dug ...
Cats Being Jerks Video Compilation (April 2015) || FailArmy
Published: 1 year ago
For every cute internet cat, there's 5 more being assholes. Whether they're knocking shit over or attacking you for no reason, cats have proven that they are real ...
Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 1 (December 2016) || FailArmy
Published: 2 months ago
Let us know your favorites in the comments and meet us back here next Friday for Part 2! And send us your funny fail videos at, we want to see ...
Kids and Old People Fails Compilation || FailArmy
Published: 1 year ago
Failure can happen at any age, so this week we dug into out library to find fail videos featuring our youngest and oldest FailArmy soldiers. Got a funny fail?
FailArmy Presents Nutcracker Fails | A Holiday Nutshot Compilation
Published: 2 years ago
Last year we asked for a year of epic fails and that is exactly what we got. Huge thank you to all the Soldiers in FailArmy Nation for your submissions, comment, ...
FailArmy's Most Expensive Fails Compilation || Cash Money Millionaires
Published: 1 year ago
Some people can afford to fail a few times. Here are some of the most expensive fails in our collection. In fact, lets do a quick moment of silence for their bank ...