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Lifecasting: PlatSil® Gel-25 Face Cast
Published: 1 year ago
PlatSil® Gel-25 is a contact-safe, platinum-cured silicone that is most often used for making prosthetic appliances, lifecasting and mold making.
Quick Guide To PlatSil Gels For Lifecasting, Special FX, And Mold Making
Published: 1 year ago
This is a video guide to the basic use and accessories for the PlatSil Gel series silicones. PlatSil gels are a versatile series of Platinum (addition cure) silicones ...
Lifecasting Tutorial: Hand Mold With PlatSil Gel-10
Published: 1 year ago
In this tutorial we create a 1 piece, reusable hand mold using PlatSil Gel-10. Working out of a 2lb kit, this mold would cost ~$20 with a total cost of materials at ...
PlatSil Gel-25 Block Mold With Hardener Added
Published: 1 year ago
In this tutorial we cover the basic use of PlatSil Part H or Hardener. The hardener additive may be used to raise the Shore A value, or hardness, of a PlatSil ...
Silicone Painting Tutorial: Painting With PlatSil Gel-10
Published: 1 year ago
Get our silicone painting kit here: In this tutorial we show how to create a paint base ...
1 piece mold with platsil gel 10
Published: 5 years ago
This is a silicone one-piece-head -mold made using Platsil Gel-10. See the "plaster bandage" video for the support shell or "mother mold" process.
PLATSIL GEL 10# deadener#
Published: 3 months ago ...
Lifecasting Tips: Gel-00 Severed Hand
Published: 3 years ago
In this video we will make a mold of Renee's hand and then cast a silicone copy. We used our 380 alginate for a fast, accurate mold and we cast the hand copy ...
Silicone Prosthetics: Casting A Silicone Prosthetic
Published: 2 years ago
In this tutorial we show the casting process for a basic silicone prosthetic using Gel-00 Platinum Silicone. Gel-OO cures to a soft, stretchy silicone rubber that is ...
Severed Head Mold Part 2: Casting A Silicone Head
Published: 1 year ago
In this tutorial we cast a silicone positive into the Easy Flo 120 head mold we made in a previous video. We used PlatSil Gel-25 for the skin and F-5 flexible foam ...
Platsil Gel-10 silicone hand
Published: 6 years ago
Cast of a hand using platsil gel-10 used in a short film. Pigmented with flesh silpig and flocking (although near impossible to see in this video). Red silpig was ...
Poly Skin-Wax Hand Mold & PlatSil® Gel-10 Casting
Published: 7 years ago
Using Poly Skinwax to make a mold of a hand. Then using Platsil Gel 10 silicone rubber to cast a life-like reproduction.