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For those of you that don't know, Caleb Logan is the oldest of the Bratayley family kids. On Thursdy, October first, there were hurrican warnings, and it really freaked Caleb out, so when he was in panic, his parents just told him to go take a nap for him to calm down, when his parents went to go checkon him, they found that he wasn't breathing, so they took him to the ER to find out that it was too late and Caleb Logan was confirmed passed away at 7:08 pm October 1st, 2015. It's really sad, being that out of all the people in the world, GOd chose him. God took him. He was too young. he was only born July, 13, 2002, and he wasn't ready. it shoudn't have been his time, but i guess God decided it was. He was always this bright, happy, smiling person. They recently found out that Caleb was undiagnosed of a rare heart desease called, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and it has been a line in his family of getting it. 1/10 die with it. and he died with it. this really means alot to alot of us, and i thought i would just talk about it. and for the bratayley family, im trying to keep happy about this like you want, but it's really hard being that we lost sucha wonderful person in this world. And if he made a difference to us, through a screen, think of how his family feels. it's honestly way too unbelievable, and I feel that his should all be just a dream. Goodbye Caleb, and i hope you're having fun up htere, and laughing, continuing to make vlogs in heaven with your grandpa, and Lynx. We may not be able to see caleb, but he knows, and he can see us, he's here, you just have to know. Love You Caleb! We all Miss You! Sure this may not be 9/11 but it's still a really bad thing to happen to a kid, person, family member, youtuber, Baked potato, in life. Nobody deserves to have their life taken away at that time, especially when they're that happy to be living. And again, Goodbye Caleb, becasue we didn't get to tell you. "We love You! See you tomorrow." You will always be our favorite Baked potato, and i just can't stop talking. someone make me stop. i need help. Caleb was just way too good of a person. And for the VERY LAST TIME Goodbye, sweet dreams, love you, our baked potato. You guys, Bratayley and family are in my prayers and we ceratinly do understand why you would discontinue your vlogs. They'll just be.. different. Sorry Bratayleys.