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Remember those simple times before the Internet when the world of gaming was full of urban legends. A time when stories about secret codes were whispered throughout school playgrounds without any evidence to back them up. In honor of those glorious days we give you: The Top 5 - Myths in gaming!

5. Resurrect Aeris - Final Fantasy VII

Look, admit it... we all cried like babies when Aeris died in Final Fantasy VII. But what if you could bring her back to life by using a 'restore' spell made from 'underwater materia'? The resurrect Aeris myth supposedly came from a person who worked for Squaresoft which gave it some credibility. Sometimes you simply WANT to believe.

4. The Secret Cow level - Diablo

Every Diablo player who grew up in the nineties knows the myth about the secret cow level. Supposedly if you clicked on all the cows outside town you would be transported to the hidden level. While the myth was completely false, Blizzard decided to hide an actual secret cow level in Diabo II. However to this day the company officially states that "there is no Cow Level" which only adds to the confusion.

3. Sasquatch - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The open world nature of the GTA games has led to many false rumours over the years. But nothing quite captured people's imaginations like the Sasquatch myth from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Gamers believed that they could find a yeti if walked around the forest long enough. Rockstar has stated that bigfoot isn't in the game and made fun of the myth in Red Dead Redemption.

2. Blood code - Mortal Kombat

It was hard to be a Super Nintendo fanboy when it came to Mortal Kombat in the nineties. This family friendly version of the game replaced blood with sweat and neutered the fatalities. Soon rumors started flying about a blood code that would allow you to unlock the gore from the arcade version. This code did NOT exist on the Super Nintendo but DID however exist on the Sega Genesis. Yep, the origin of the damn rumor was the Genesis version itself.

1. Nude code Tomb Raider

With the huge success of Lara Croft in the nineties it was inevitable that rumours would circulate of a cheat code that would simply melt away her digital clothes. Gamers could never find a nude code that worked, despite there being a flood of them in the early days of the internet. The nude code for the original Tomb Raider is a great example of how wishful thinking can lead to a very popular myth.

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