Most Haunted Places In India | Real Ghost videos | Real Ghost Stories Part 2

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Most Haunted Places In India | Real Ghost videos | Real Ghost Stories Part 2

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India is a land of mysteries-too many questions, no answers. We've all grown up listening to many such stories about ghosts and spirits from friends and relatives. Here are 18 such places in India, some famous, some unknown, that have been known by the locals as haunted spots since time immemorial. We're not sure how true these ghost stories are, nobody knows. Anyway, true or false, these are some places and legends associated with their history that will get you into believing that ghosts do exist.

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Ghost following a man recorded in camera

Ghost attacking dog caught on camera

Construction worker's Ghost caught on cctv camera

Most Scary And real Ghost Photos Ever Taken

Real Ghost Videos | Ghost moving in high speed

Real Ghost with shining eyes staring at the camera

Real Ghost Videos | Real Ghost Caught on Camera

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'Scary Videos' is a platform of most freaky and terrifying scary videos. We love to hear about ghost we love to make stories about ghost. But what if we got a chance to meet them. This channel shares such incidents that happened in real life. This might be unbelievable for you. But yes it’s the fact. What actually do you believe? DO ghost exist or not? After watching this video it may be harder for you to make yourself believe that 'GHOSTS DO EXIST'. It might be right in front of you or besides you. Only thing is that you are not able to see it with your bare eyes. But a cam lens can easily capture all supernatural powers presence. And 'Scary Videos' shares all such unexpectedly captured terrifying scary videos with you.