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In this video we start to configure and connect the Mini APM 3.1 board into a flying Wing so we can fly missions and have features like auto level and RTH (return to home) in the event of radio problems.

In this video we cover -
- Where to go for more details (1:42)
- Installing the software on the PC/Mac (3:33)
- Installing the firmware on the APM 3.1 (5:04)
- What you should already have trimmed on the plane model (9:31)
- How to make up the receiver connections (12:15)
- How to connect to the external GPS (17:08)
- How to connect to the external compass (5883L) (18:19)

In the next video we will look at the options to power the board, make the wiring to connect it to the servos and ESC, wire it into the airframe, configure the board in Mission Planner and fly our first test flight.

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