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In this jewelry making tutorial, we will teach you how to make lapis and gold spiral rope chain bracelet. Please check the detailed instructions as below:
Materials list:
--4mm round lapis beads:
--3mm glass seed beads in Iris Prussian blue:
--3mm glass seed beads in gold
--Beading thread in size 0.3mm
--Beading needle
--Two gold colored bead tips
--Eight 5mm gold colored jump rings
--A gold colored lobster claw clasp
--Two pairs of flat-nose or long-nose pliers
1. Measure & cut 3 yards of thread. Thread your needle.
2. String on a gold bead. Tie a knot around the bead approximately 6 inches away from the end. A double knot would be best. Slide on a bead tip.
3. Slide on seven Iris seed beads. Slide on a gold colored bead. Slide on a 4mm lapis bead, then another gold colored bead, and finally an Iris bead. Slide all the beads down to the bead tip. Take your needle and slide it UP through the bottom six beads; pull all the way through.
4. Slide on two Iris beads, a gold bead, a lapis bead, a gold bead, and an Iris bead. Now slide the needle UP through the top six Iris beads, skipping over the Iris bead closest to the gold bead. Pull the string all the way through.
5. Repeat Step Four until you reach your desired finished length. It will begin to look like a spiral. You may need to add more string. When you come down to about a foot of string left and you still have several more inches of beaded work to do, then you should add more string.
Here how to add more string: Take your needle and run it back through some of your beads. Make sure that everything is nice and snug, then tie a couple knots. To hide the knot, go through a couple beads and pull. Then trim the string close to the beads. Cut some more string. Thread your needle. Slide your needle through a few beads. Pull the string until a few inches stick out from the beads. Then tie a couple knots while holding the string end so it doesn't slide all the way through. Now slide your needle through some beads so you can get back into the same position where you left off. Continue your beading like before.
6. Once you reach your desired finished length, string on a bead tip. Then string on a gold seed bead. Begin to tie a knot around the bead. Then insert your needle into the knot and tighten. You can now slide the bead down to the bead tip. Slide the needle out. Tie another knot for added security.
7. Apply a touch of glue to each of the knots you made. Let dry and then cut away the excess string.
8. Pinch the bead tips with the pliers to close them. Open a jump ring and attach to one of the bead tips and the clasp; close the jump ring. Open another jump ring and attach it to the other bead tip. Close the jump ring. To make the bracelet an adjustable length, add more jump rings to form a chain.

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