Abridgimon Frontier Episode 1

Channel: Parodyox Productions


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An epic tale one year in the making begins.
Episode 1: Super Pilot Funtime

Takuya Kanbara/Agunimon/Cerberumon – Twitchy Wings
Koji Minamoto/Train station announcer/Cerberumon's mom – SBG Haseo
Zoe Fatone – DitzyDoo
Tommy Himi – Mr. Muk
JP Shibayama – Phasor Shift
Bokomon/Trailmon/Arbormon – Masahiko Ichirou
Neemon – Zhiro GodofSandwiches
Ophanimon – Audrey Bolick
Morgan Freeman – LevyTheAmishMan
Bullies – Tagyrt
Narrator – Wil Wizard
Takuya's mom – Liz High

Written by MilesSBG, Leetwing, Mr. Muk, and SBG Haseo.
Directed by SBG Haseo
Edited by Mr. Muk and SBG Haseo

"Hey Digimon" – Paul Gordon
"FIRE!" – Wada Koji
"Battle Without Honor or Humanity" – Tomoyasu Hotei
"Encounter" – KCE Sound Team Japan
"With the Will" – Watanabe Cher
"Pursuit", "Dogma", "Borealis", "Celestial Body", and "Daydream" – iLIfe

Sound effects courtesy of freesound.org, sounddogs.com, spritedatabase.net and majornelson.net.
Mega Man X5 sound effects are owned by Capcom Co., Ltd.
Achievement Unlocked sound effect and graphic are owned by Microsoft Corp.

Digimon Frontier is owned by Bandai Co., Ltd and Toei Animation Co., Ltd and licensed by Saban Brands and Sensation Animation. Parodyox Productions does not claim ownership for any material used, and Abridgimon Frontier is a non-profit parody intended for entertainment purposes only. Please support the official release.