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All Boss Fights and ENDING

0:00 Wicked witch of the West (Wizard of Oz)
3:28 wicked witch of the West final fight (Wizard of Oz)
8:11 Lord business (The LEGO Movie)
13:42 The Joker (The Simpsons & DC Comics)
22:09 Griffin Turner Speed Element (Ninjago)
26:30 Gravis Gravity Element (Ninjago)
27:54 Karlof Metal Element (Ninjago)
32:25 Saruman (Lord of the Rings)
36:37 Lex Luthor (Power Armor) (DC Comics)
39:05 Master Chen Elemental Staff (Ninjago)
44:21 CyberKing (Doctor Who)
48:13 Dalek Emperor (Doctor Who)
58:16 Two-Face (DC Comics)
1:03:06 Sauron (Lord of the Rings)
1:12:42 Lord Vortech (Back to the Future)
1:24:11 GLaDOS (Portal 2)
1:34:56 Brainiac (DC Comics)
1:39:34 Digital Overlord
1:43:00 The Riddler (DC Comics)
1:56:17 General Zod (DC Comics)
2:02:27 Midway Kid (Robotron 2084)
2:06:15 Mummy Train Cart (Scooby Doo!)
2:08:22 Mummy Lord Vortech (Scooby Doo!)
2:18:55 Lord Vortech Throne Room
2:28:37 The Tri
2:43:39 Lord Vortech Between Dimensions
2:58:53 Lord Vortech Final Boss Fight and that Ending

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