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Outfits, outfits and even more outfits. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and wonderful designs. And while your bog-standard costumes are all fine and dandy, it's the alternative offerings that get us the most excited. Can you blame us? So, let's zip up and strut into our top five sexiest alternate game outfits.

5. Tripitaka - 'Sexy Robot Trip'
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Cyborg fetishists, start your engines and polish those oversized augmentations! Tripitaka is gorgeous enough as it is. But wrapping her up in skin-tight metal is a sight to behold! The outfit also grants double stun damage, but her shiny new look will leave you stunned without her getting anywhere even near you. Even the monsters can't get enough of her!

4. Chun Li - 'Alternative 1: Black'
Super Street Fighter IV

The lightning-fast and most down-right meanest legs in gaming are only made even better with this elegant evening dress adorning them. And the beautiful Chun Li sure knows how to rock it in style. Especially when she starts cracking skulls with that Lightning Kick. At least your opponent can go to the grave happy at the very last thing they saw.

3. Sheva Alomar -- 'Tribal' outfit
Resident Evil 5

The inclusion of this particular outfit raised a couple of eyebrows when the game was released. Especially of those who branded the game as racist. But for those who actually possess brains, that was bullshit. What you're really seeing here is an extension of the lovely Sheva's exotic beauty and reticent badassery. We certainly won't be tangling with her any time soon.

2. Juliet Starling - 'Sexy Rider Suit'
Lollipop Chainsaw

From naughty high school cheerleader to latex-bound showstopper, this outfit ticks all the right boxes and thensome. Sure, the beautiful Miss Starling has a selection of skimpier numbers in her closet. But video game bikini babes are so 2006. The sparks from the chainsaw might cause some pretty nasty burns as well. A severed head has never been so lucky!

1. Mileena - Flesh Pit costume
Mortal Kombat

Her face may need a paper bag. Or at least a gum shield. But that outfit? Damn, that's a body to die for. And you will if Mileena has anything to do with it. Unlocking this costume is no mere pushover either, requiring players to either beat the final challenge in the Challenge Tower or spend a whopping 50,000 coins. Man, that's some expensive toilet paper. Totally worth it, though!

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