Download video: How to fix INIT FAILED MUX THREAD on SSH.JAR (iPhone 4 iCloud Bypass)

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How to fix INIT FAILED Mux Thread on SSH.JAR (iPhone 4 iCloud Bypass). This problem is related to iTunes version. It say that you might need to install iTunes 9 or newer but 12 is not supported as the app is made in late 2013.

A simple downgrade to iTunes 11.5 (11.4) will fix the issue. Follow the video and uninstall iTunes 12 on the same order as me, else you won't be able to install 11.5

This iTunes version is so hard to find on the internet. But here are the links!
iTunes 11.4 64 bit:
iTunes 11.4 32 bit:

My app for fixing iTunes Restore errors:
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