ALL Steven Universe Songs Seasons 1 and 2

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Time Stamps for each song

00:00-Pilot Theme Song
00:39-Season 1 Theme
01:01-Cookie Cat
01:31-Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart
02:41-Serious Song
02:55-Giant Woman
03:51-Birthday Song
04:00-Strong in the Real Way
05:43-Steven and the Stevens
06:55-Big Fat Zucchini
07:29-Steven and the Crystal Gems
08:16-Do or Donut
09:17-Dear Old Dad
10:54-Be Wherever You Are
12:21-Steven Tag
12:27-On The Run
13:45-Lil Butler Intro
14:25-Lapis Lazuli
15:16-Wailing Stone
16:28-Sapphire's Song
16:35-Stronger Than You
19:30-Steven Universe Ending Themes(Scroll lower for details on each one)
22:42-Full Disclosure
26:27-What Are You Doing Here
27:09-Season Two Opening
27:33-Jam Buddies
28:18-Do It For Her
30:36-What Can I Do?

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**The Ending Theme**
There are currently 12 variations of the song including melody, instruments, and lyrics.
The 1st variation is Classic (Piano only)
The 2nd variation is Classic + Glockenspiel
This version is played at the end of "Space Race".
The 3rd variation is Classic + Glockenspiel + Bass
The 4th variation is Classic + Glockenspiel + Bass + Drum set
The 5th variation is Classic + Guitar
The 6th variation is Piano + Guitar + Bass. This has the same tempo and same chord progression from the original, but now has a new melody.
This version is played at the end of "Secret Team"
The 7th variation is Piano + Bass + Drum set. This focuses mainly on percussion with a new melody.
This version is played at the end of "Watermelon Steven".
The 8th and 9th variations have a new melody with the guitar but with an ominous static in the latter.
This version played at the end of "The Message".
The 10th variation is static playing over the guitar.
This version has only played once, at the end of "Political Power" to foreshadow the arrival of the Homeworld Gems in the next episode.
The 11th variation and final ending theme is the original chords and baseline in addition to Rebecca Sugar singing the lyrics as the melody.
This version is played at the end of "Jail Break" , "Love Letters" and "We Need to Talk".
The 12th variation played at the end of the Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe crossover "Say Uncle".
It has more synth and techno sounds. This is because the piece was styled to sound like the Uncle Grandpa theme song.

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