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Learn how to shave a landing strip vagina pubic style. Shaving a vagina is a female hygiene practice going back millennia. Women from all societies and cultures throughout time have shaved their vaginas. Shaving a vagina keeps it free from lice, makes a vagina easier to clean, and reduces body odor. Some women choose to shape their pubic hair. We will get into shaved vagina styles in later episodes.

How to Shave a Landing Strip:

Step 1) Use a sharp razor. It is wise to use a new, sharp disposable razor for every session.

Step 2) In this video, we show how to dry-shave a landing strip with your vaginal pubic hair. For this technique, you need a very sharp razor.

Step 3) Shave. Start from the outside of the vagina and sweep inwards. Shave the inner thigh, belly, buttocks, and then shave the outer labia. Finally, shave the mons pubis, and take special care when shaving around the clitoris.

To make the landing strip shape, make an invisible line from your clitoris to your belly button. Then, bring the razor inwards towards the line from each side. Stop half an inch before the invisible line.

This will leave you with a strip of hair reaching from the top of your clitoris until it fades away naturally. You can leave this tapered look, or you can shave the top off where the crease of your belly reaches your mons pubis, to create a more manicured look.

Step 4) With the dry-shave technique, you can reduce the length of your pubic hair without shaving it completely off. To shorten the strip, pill the hair taught and gently stroke it with the razor. This will snip off the tips, leaving you with shorter pubic hair.

Step 5) Rinse. Remove all hair and stubble with a blast of warm water.

Step 6) Apply anti-razor-bump lotion. Use an oil or skin lotion over the area to reduce the chance of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Do you have a different method? Share yours in the comments below.

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