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For a while now I have had people asking me "What are the best legendaries in the game?" and similar so I thought it was about time that I made up a list of the top 10! Let's face it, there isn't much news in Diablo 3 at the moment so we might as well have some fun looking at cool gear, the game is all about the gear after all.

Echoing Fury Sells for $9,700:

Some interesting stats on the usage of each of the legendaries:

10 - Inna's Temperance (Pants)
9 - Echoing Fury (1H Mace)
8 - Manticore (2H Xbow)
7 - Dead Man's Legacy (Quiver)
6 - Zunimasa's Trail (Boots)
5 - Mempo of Twilight (Helm)
4 - Natalya's Mark [Legacy](Ring)
3 - Lacuni Prowlers (Bracers)
2 - Vile Wards (Shoulders)
1 - ????? :P

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