Download video: The Best way to Defeat the Dreaded Square base th10 ! Clash w Jaxx

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The Square base or Nemesis Base gets Crushed! Hello Youtube its your boy back w another video to show you how to defeat this Base. **The poison spell is for the skeleton traps in the center. ,. ,. ,.Clans are groups of players who join together to support each other, either materially (donating troops) or verbally (giving advice). Players can join clans once they rebuild the special Clan Castle building early on. A major component of the gameplay of Clash of Clans is clans facing off against one another. Clan leaders and co-leaders can begin wars against other clans. Each clan is then given one "preparation day" and one "war day." When a player attacks a member of the opposing clan, they receive stars based upon the amount of destruction they cause to the opponent's community. Each player is limited to two attacks per war, and the team with the most stars at the end of the war day is declared victorious, with players receiving bonus war loot if he/she use their attacks in the war and a one more war win record in the clan description.

Lava Hounds: Flying creatures, resembling a cross between a Golem and a dog, that travel slightly faster than Barbarians or Dragons (1.25x) and spit fireballs at their targets. Preferentially target Air Defenses, then other defensive buildings. Like Golems, require 30 housing spaces and 45 minutes to train, and also split into smaller units (8–12 Lava Pups) when killed. Cause relatively little damage for their size, but have the highest health of all troops, making them useful meat shields for airborne attacks.

Heroes - Consist of the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. Heroes are immortal and are only trained once. They are summoned by an altar rather than being trained in the barracks (or dark barracks) like the other troops. They are trained and upgraded exclusively with dark elixir. If they lose any or all of their health in battle, the Heroes must rest on their altar for a set period to regenerate. After several upgrades, both gain special abilities in attacks. The Barbarian King's "Iron Fist" restores a significant portion of health, temporarily increases attack speed and damage, and also summons a small group of Barbarians. The speed and damage increase also affects any friendly Barbarians near the King. The Archer Queen's "Royal Cloak" is analogous to Iron Fist—the Queen recovers significant health, increases attack speed and damage, becomes temporarily invisible to enemy defenses, and summons a small group of Archers. However, unlike Iron Fist, the speed and damage increase affects only the Queen and not friendly Archers in the vicinity.