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Top 5 people with Extra Bodyparts - Part 2. Our first video on people that have extra bodyparts was a big success, so we decided to do a part 2 on special people that carry extra bodyparts!

5. Nipple on foot

There is a rare case of a 25-year-old woman with a nipple on the bottom of her foot, complete with the works - breast tissue, areola, and hair. The condition, which is the first of its kind occurring on a foot, is called Supernumerary Breast Tissue or SBT. While she has had her vestigial foot nipple since birth, it has grown over the years to be about four centimeters in diameter.

4. Horns

This doesn't technically qualify as an extra bodypart but we did not want to withhold this from you. Zhang Ruifang, 101, of a village in China, stunned family and neighbors when she sprouted a mysterious devils horn on her forehead. It grew to more than 4 inches in length and then another began to emerge on the other side of her forehead.

3. Deepak Kumar Paswaan

Deepak Kumar Paswaan of India was born with the arms, legs, and butt of a parasitic twin literally protruding from his chest. He has since had the extra body parts surgically removed.

2. Extra Breast

Even though an extra breast is a possibility, it turns out the pictures in our first extra bodypart video were fake. The photos and videos of adult film actress Taylor Chanel having 3 breasts are the result of prosthetics and make up. While we were able to find plenty of pictures of her displaying her "three breasts," there were even more of her that clearly show her having only the expected two breasts. Everyone can stop dreaming now, sorry...

1. 2 Penises

Earlier this year a guy posted a picture of his 2 penises on reddit. We are not going to use the pictures for obvious reasons but if you google it you will find some amazing pictures. The guy was born with diphallia and both are 100% functional. Our head is spinning, we have so many questions after learning about this!

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