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Initial D Final Stage - Full Battle Takumi VS Shinji - Wings

edit 2 - IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT A SONG, CHECK HERE. If it's not in this list, then I can't help you.

edit - Can I really just say how ridiculous this is? If Shinji was losing Takumi even by a full tenth of a second each corner, Takumi is still behind Shinji; still in the draft. His corner exit speed, top speed, and acceleration are always going to be higher since there's less air resistance (this isn't assuming Shinjii is a full tenth faster than Takumi; he clearly isn't. This is assuming a fair variance in cornering). Then you consider that he goes on about a technical section before the finish, but we're shown that it's really a high speed sector, which would have been a perfect place for Takumi to overtake. Also, looking at the maps on the ID Wiki and in the Arcade games, there are plenty of straightaways.

I'm sure you all know that when following on a straight or any similar highspeed sector, you overtake using the draft, since you can carry that extra speed while passing. It essentially slingshots you past.

While Shinji has less air resistance because of the turbulence created by Takumi's 86, it isn't so much as to negate any kind of effect drafting causes; Takumi benefits the most from it. You can see this in literally any motorsport, NASCAR and oval racing is structured completely around drafting.

About Shinji, Takumi says he isn't "particularly faster in the exit or entry". So, just during. This also implies they were entering and exiting at the same speeds, which is just ludicrous. As said, this all comes back to the draft. You wouldn't benefit so much from entry, but the effects on exit would be overwhelming. Look at the final corner at Fuji, you can see a JGTC car completely hug another car's bumper if they exit at .2 or even .5 seconds apart before they even get halfway down the straight. Just because the course has more corners doesn't change the fact that in whatever straightaways there are on the course, of any size, Takumi is always going to be faster (or *should be*) in the exit and to the next corner. Air is a constant. This is also compounded by Takumi's 86 having more hp (240vs180), but I ignore this factor because Shinji's gearing might be closer.

So I guess in summary, Initial D doesn't know what the hell it's doing with aerodynamics. Assuming "even if only very little at a time" meant at most 0.1, or 0.15, Takumi should have had no trouble keeping pace. The chaser always has the advantage for this reason.