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EDIT 9/27/16: 10 Parts left until the MAP is completed! I know it's been nearly a year but I appreciate everyone sticking by to view the final project. I hope you are as excited for the outcome as I am!~

EDIT EDIT: Thank you everyone for being patient, this project I'm allowing the artists to take their time so there is no official deadline only me checking up on the completion of parts, thanks!

EDIT: ALL PARTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN. The deadline is now *March 1st* if you'd like you can still apply for a backup part!


If I don't pick you just keep working at it, drive to be better!

A MAP BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! Whooohoooo! I've been contemplating what I want my next MAP to be, and with all these MAPs popping around and people coming in with really amazing ideas I really wanted to do something new! Of course, not too out of my range of interests :'y this MAP will be focusing on the amazing cartoons we've spilled our lives into, or just merely casually enjoyed y'know! I hope you guys are excited for this project just as am! And just before I dive into those pesky rules I wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for 9,000+ subscribers! I hope you all continue to enjoy the content I produce!



-THIS MAP IS NOT SCRIPTED, HOWEVER, it does have a theme! If it wasn't obvious I want this MAP to focus on cartoons, more specifically American/Canadian aka Westernish Cartoons. I want the cartoons to be lore high-stakes like, or has a plot. Nothing like spongebob or Johnny Test will be accepted. Other than what's shown in the visual here are a few potential options you can think about:
Rick and Morty (this is the only Adult cartoon I am allowing, mostly because it has a plot. please keep it PG-13)
Wander Over Yonder
We Bare Bears
Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra
Danny Phantom
Teen Titians (not Teen Titans Go! don't fucking use that)
Young Justice
My Little Pony
Ben 10
ETC. Ask if you are unsure of what qualifies!

-One cartoon can ONLY be used for up to 3 parts!

-If you read the rules say Boo!

-When your part is done, provide a sendspace link!

- You MUST have examples of art that I can see. Also you have to be pretty experienced. Please don't get discouraged if I don't choose you.

-I'll be waiting a bit to choose parts for a day or 2 unless I know I can count on you to do this.

- I will choose a deadline after the MAP is full, it will most definitely be due sometime next year.

-If you got a short part you can choose a second one! (Parts get longer later on in the song, if you want a long part I suggest choosing those to leave options for others who may not want that).


-You can change what you want to do for your part until 3 weeks before the deadline, make sure you ask me first before the change is made!

-if you need me to cut music for you feel free to ask and i'll do it!

-Quality of your videos must be 1080p or better. ask me if you need help rendering in the quality and I'll be happy to do so!

-Don't watermark! I'll make a uniform one.

-NO AU'S AND NO CROSSOVERS. Stick to canon material only!

-MAKE YOUR PARTS LOOK PRETTY. SERIOUSLY. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH THIS AND WAIT TILL LAST MINUTE. IF YOU DO I HOLD THE RIGHT OF REPLACING YOUR PART. Every Scene must be a picture that can stand on its own (background, shading, etc.)

- IT MUST BE DRAWN ON 1920x1080 if it isn't you're going to fix it or I'm replacing you.

- This is upbeat and intense! Make sure your part fits the way the song sounds, don't be lazy and have extremely slow panning!

-There will most likely be spoilers for the cartoons in this MAP, keep that in mind!

-If you REALLY read the rules tell me what you're dressing up for halloween! and If you aren't dressing up tell me your favorite Candy!

-This is a PMV style however I would like a balance of animating as well, it is not required but appreciated! Who We Are is a good example of some who used animation as an aid on their parts.

* Avatar:The Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and Star vs The Forces of Evil can no longer be used

To view parts, go here:

Song: Larger Than Life by Pinkzebra
Edited in: Sony Vegas 11