Download video: Wii U Hacked Mii name symbols QR Codes! No Hacked Wii U Required

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I decided to release these. NOTE:
You can see ALL of your hacked mii symbols on the loading screen of MK8 or time trial rankings . I haven't tested other games.
You can see all of the symbols on Miiverse though.
MK8 Symbols you can see everywhere on MK8 preview:
These are the only symbols that everyone can see at all parts of MK8

List of symbols that work in MK8:

Wii power icon
Camera icon
A B X Y L R (DPAD) buttons
gamepad stick
gamepad stick L
gamepad stick R
gamepad L
gamepad ZL
gamepad ZR
gamepad (shape) symbol
wiimote symbol
1/2 fraction symbol