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Here's my longest video to date: Top 300 Anime Openings!! I'd like to think that my list gets stranger & stranger as the video goes on.

Originally, the plan was to make a top 666 Anime OP list, but with school and me getting a writing gig on an MMA website (at, I had to cut the project short, since my goal was to release it before the Fall 2015 season. The Top 666 OP list will have to wait for Summer 2016. Also, i need better upload internet speed for that one.

- If you're a new view, have not watched any of my previous video and have not seen my username, I'm pretty notorious for being a filthy hipster.
- What doesn't kill me, makes me stranger.
- Since I was originally working on the Top 666 instead of Top 300, It's very unlikely I forgot a song from post 2000's. Remember, I'm THE Anime Music Hipster
- I actually revamped the top end of my list; so, you'll find some difference from my previous All-Time lists.
- I absolutely have zero idea how I didn't have Tokyo Ravens OP 1 on my music playlist before, because it's absolutely awesome.
- Rakuen Project by Ray (To-Love Ru Darkness) grew the most on me. It went from 500's range to Top 30.
- I might be the sole human being in the world who would put manzo on such pedestal.

- The series that appears the most on the list is Gundam (18)
- Artists who appear the most are Kawada Mami (7), Suga Shikao (6), Choucho (5), Granrodeo (4), GARNiDELiA (4), AKINO (4), Sasaki Sayaka
- Natsume Yuujinchou made the most appearance on my top 100 with 4.
- Among popular series, Naruto: Shippudden made 4 appearances, Bleach got 5, One Piece got 2 & Fairy Tail got 4.

Written form list (Show, Song, Artist) in Pastebin format


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