NMMT ATAF SRLDM Lymph Detox Massage Pelvis E307DB

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NMMT ATAF SRLDM Lymph Detox Massage Pelvis E307DB
Nutrition Medicine Massage Therapist

LNEM - Lymph Nodes Enhancement Massage
LVEM - Lymph Vessels Enhancement Massage
SDEM - Superficial Detox Effleurage Massage
CEM - Circulation Enhancement Massage

For thorough understanding the theoretical background of NMMT SRLDM Stress Relief Lymph Detox Massage, one needs to study the following subjects in University and/or graduate school-
1. Electromagnetic Field Theory (EMF), Quantum Mechanics, Relativity
2. Immunology and auto immune diseases
3. Nei-Jing (Human Body Internal EMF)
4. Essential Nutrition and Nutrition Medicine
5. Organic chemistry in essential oils
6. Brain Waves Medicine and Mind Healing

Aroma Medicine Products (AMPs)
NMRCC invented hundreds of AMPs for anti inflammation and auto immune diseases relief ( AI and AIR). They include oil, toner, serum, cream and lotion with different combination of essential oils in different concentration. Most frequently used AI/AIR products are also AAA . They includes:
GH/P52/P60/P80/G1/G3/G5/G6/G7/G10/G12 AI/AIR Oil
P10/P25/P30/P50/G1/G3/G5 AI/AIR Toner
P50/P68/G1/G3 AI/AIR Serum
P25/P36/GH/P70/G1/G2/G3/G5/G6/G7/G10 AI/AIR Cream
P25/P36/P50/G1/G1H/ G2/G3/G5/G6/G7/G8H Lotion
GH/G1/G2/G3/G5/G10/G20 Water Base Essential Oil (WBSE)
G100 AI/AIR Essential Oil and Lymph Detox Essential Oil

Stress Relief Aroma Medicine
NMRCC found out that human especially females get auto immune diseases partly because of stress & anxiety which are rarely found in other animals. Aroma Massage using Stress Relief (SR) aroma products seems to provide excellent result in mind healing which results in decreasing in brain beta wave and gamma wave. In the meantime, alpha wave (feeling relaxed), theta wave and gamma wave may increase (feeling sleepy). This seems to help the normalization of immune system and to reduce inflammation on skin and internal organs/tissues/moving cells.
After thousands of experiments, NMRCC carefully selects AI essential oils which are also SR. About 30 essential oils are frequently used in NMRCC experiments and AMPs for Stress Relief Massage (SRM). Using Stress Relief Aroma Medicine Products for massage is called Aroma Stress Relief Massage.

More suggestion
NMRCC suggests clients/patients to eat the right foods following 10GEN suggestion (10 Groups of Essential Nutrition) during LDM experiments.