Joyce Meyer - Fight Like a Christian (Part 1)

Channel: Michael Gabriel


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Tonight we are going to learn how to fight like a christian, you see we are in a war and we do fight, but we do have to learn how to fight in a totally different way then the world fights and being angry is not the answer, we are going to talk about anger you'd be amazed at how many people in here tonight, people ho love Jesus have anger issues, they have anger and bitterness and resentment within them for many, many different reasons, some people have had it so long they don't really know thats what is is anymore and its time for us to deal with anger, to look at how anger is and learn how to handle it, anger is an emotion, the people in the world don't think there is a problem with it but christians very early on learn that anger can be a real problem because we fall into a trap of feeling guilty every time we get angry about anything and think that as a christian I shouldn't feel that way and I went through the same thing, one morning I was going to go out to preach and this was many, many years ago when I was still doing a ladies meeting at a church in St Louis probably 25 years ago and I'm so grateful for the lessons of the things God has taught me because its helped me a lot along the journey and gave me an opportunity to share them with you and maybe save you some trips around the mountain and so Dave and I had had an argument and I was really mad and you know anger and preaching does not go together very well and I didn't have long, I had about an hour to get to this meeting and there were several hundred people there and I was mad and I felt guilty because I was mad and God showed me something that morning that was really very life changing to me, somehow or another I ended up in Ephesians chapter 4 verse 26 and 27 I don't remember if I just went there out of desperation or if there was a scripture about anger or if the Holy Spirit led me there, I saw it in a different way then I had ever seen it before and I want us to take a look at it today that maybe will be life changing for you

Ephesians 4:26 "When angry, do not sin..."

Now that was really the message right there but we will get to the rest of it in a minute but that was were I got my revelation it doesn't say don't get angry, it doesn't say if you ever get angry, it says when you are angry, we are all going to have times when we feel angry and its not necessarily all wrong, I mean sometimes it can be wrong when you are angry about something that is not even somebody else's fault I mean when people hurt us, when they are selfish and self-centred, when they do things to us, when they talk about us behind our backs, when they tell lies about us we feel angry, so its not feeling angry thats a problem its what you do with it after you feel angry, you see if there is one life message or one of a few that I would like to leave with people one of I feel as a life message that will hopefully impact the body of Christ is that you can't help how you feel but you can help how you behave and just because I feel something that doesn't mean I have to act on how I feel if its going to cause me to behave ungodly and if I don't feel something that doesn't mean I can't behave the way I am supposed to, we have feelings but we don't have to let them have us, we have feelings, they are rather fickle, they come when you don't want them, they go when you do want them, does anyone know what I'm talking about, man of sunday night after dinner you can feel like going on a diet and losing 50 pounds, you know what I'm talking about, monday morning comes about and you don't feel so much like you did the night before, we can feel like getting out of debt and yet at the same time feel like spending too much money, we can feel like cleaning our house and yet feel like leaning down on the couch so feelings for all intents and purposed are just very unreliable and very unpredictable and sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not you really just can't pay to much attention to them otherwise you sometimes get into a lot of trouble and I sometimes feel like the less attention we pay to the feelings we have in the flesh maybe the more we feel what we should feel in the spirit, we can't let our emotions, our fleshly emotions dictate to us our behaviour...