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Julie Elven is a remote session vocalist and recording artist based in Munich, Germany. She is best known for her solo vocal contributions to the video games World Of Warcraft - Legion (Blizzard Entertainment) and Horizon - Zero Dawn (Sony Playstation).
Recent Sessions
Video Games:
Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games / Playstation) - featured solo vocalist
World Of Warcraft - Legion (Blizzard Entertainment) - featured solo vocalist
Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium Games) - trailer and ingame vocals
Film Score:
Solo Vocalist for the motion picture “MUCIZE – Miracle” (International cinemas, 2015)
Album Soundtrack:
Soloist on the cinematic albums “Revealing Beauty” (Chris Nicolaides, 2015) and “Reverie” (Ivan Torrent, 2014)
Trailer Music:
Ongoing trailer score engagements with – Ivan Torrent, Valentin Boomes, Michael Maas, Sub Pub Music, Really Slow Motion Music & Sound Design and others

01-{00:00} R. Armando Moribito ~ Sea of Atlas (ft. Julie Elven & Tina Guo)
02-{06:01} Romain Paillot ~ Sigurdr (ft. Julie Elven & Blake Robinson)
03-{09:22} Black Phoenix Music ~ Elven`s Dawn (Michael Maas & Christoph Allerstorfer ft. Julie Elven)
04-{12:38} R. Armando Morabito ~ Angel (ft. Julie Elven)
05-{17:59} J.T. Peterson ~ Solaris (ft. Julie Elven)
06-{20:35} Ivan Torrent ~ One of Us (ft. Julie Elven & Eànàn Patterson) [Dragon Ed.]
07-{24:51} Silver Screen (Dos Brains) ~ Beneath The Horizon (Peter Jerimias ft. Julie Elven)
08-{27:44} Twisted Jukebox ~ Supernova (Michael Maas ft. Julie Elven)
09-{30:39} R. Armando Moribito ~ Dominion (ft. Julie Elven)
10-{37:14} KPM Music ~ For the Love of a Queen (Chris Nicolaides ft. Julie Elven)
11-{41:08} Colossal Trailer Music ~ Weighted Ground (Alexandros Nikolaidis ft. Julie Elven)
12-{44:13} Julie Elven ~ Night Flower
13-{46:11} Really Slow Motion ~ MANA (Valentin Boomes ft. Julie Elven)
14-{50:48} Ignacio Núñez & Julie Elven ~ LUMINISCENCE
15-{53:45} Ivan Torrent ~ Icarus (ft. Julie Elven)
16-{58:16} Julie Elven ~ Origins

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