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2015.08.26 release



Of course ,new album on international iTunes.
Key word is "ハジメタル" "SUPER SOLO 2" song title (ex Hardcore Summer Vacation , GIRI GAL)"


featuring Vocal: 

Mixed by 井上勇司(CROSS ROAD STUDIO)
Mastered by 砂原良徳

MV staff
監督 伊基公袁 撮影 鈴木謙太郎
出演 金子理江

HAJIMETAL(ハジメタル)「 Hardcore Summer Vacation 」


Born on 26 April 1983 in Osaka, HAJIMETAL rose to prominence as a member of the punk band Midori, which he joined in 2004 as keyboardist. After Midori split at the end of 2010, he formed the band Daredemo Esper with Jun Matsue and Kensuke Nishiura, and Ryoma Maeda & Romantic Suiciders with Ryoma Maeda and Shigeyuki Kimura.

He recently produced the music for the movie ‘Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiin da ga.’ (‘What’s Going on With My Sister?’)

HAJIMETAL has written music for a variety of artists such as SCANDAL, as well as undertaking a wide range of activity such as sound production, live support, background music for commercials, DJ appearances and speaking engagements.


Lyrics by HAJIMETAL. To a cheating boyfriend, the girlish Rie Kaneko laments, “I’ll never attain your perfect score. Me, I’m a dropout!” And yet even through her depression, she devilishly chides, “I’ll have a new sweetheart before you can turn around!” As modulation follows modulation and the rhythm expands, you might say that the sound is influenced by the recent J-pop idol boom. Rie Kaneko’s voice, while lacking polish, shows immense potential.

English Translation By Daniel Robson

「GIRI GAL: 」lyric English Translation by Jeremy Deacon

Giri Gal! Giri Gal!

Sudden excuses, happens more and more
It means you're really lying to me then
That slightest look you also do – it means this too
I notice – yeah
I'm like a real detective, oh

Giri Gal!

You leave quietly while I'm asleep
– while I'm asleep or really playing dead
My makeup is different oh but you don't notice
Let alone the latest little piercing I get

Can't tick all your boxes, be everything right
Wherever I touch, honey, anything I do
Can't tick all your boxes, be everything right
High score out, stood no chance – ooh

Yey Yey Yey and Hoo Hoo Hoo and
Does it make-it-better if shout it out?
Love and Romance, man! I was dreaming
Dropout girl – that's me!

First our eyes met – met, kissed
Electric, chemistry, I go faint yeah
Magic, spell-bound – I'm so under – uh-oh
Melts to nothing now

I want more, oh, I want to touch
Forget to breathe, everything spins – a spinning miracle
I do, I want everything from you – Kya!!

But now what should I do,
should I disappear for you?
Well yeah I can disappear for you...

Giri Gal! Giri Gal!

Can't tick all your boxes, be everything right
Wherever I touch, honey anything I do
Can't be everything right, can't be everything right

Yey Yey Yey and Hoo Hoo Hoo and
Does it make me braver if I shout it out?
To tell you that there’s someone new On my mind, already
On my mind, already