Battle Cats - Moon Final Boss Stage of Empire of Cats - Revival of Bahamut-Cat

Channel: The Battle Cats Scientist


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In the first battle, while special unit Ninja Frog Cat was effective against red enemies, what was actually needed was someone who could give us more time and delay enemy boss Teacher Bun Bun's relentless onslaught.

So, in the second battle rare unit Plane Cat was called in to relieve Ninja Frog Cat.

To summarize, what brought us victory in the second battle appears to have been the combination of the following:

1. Treasure skills are 100% (or close to 100%) operation ratio on all chapters.

2. Cat line-up Level 20 or higher.

3. CHEAP units Macho Cat, special unit Samba Cat, Wall Cat and Brave Cat

3-1. to hold off Teacher Bun Bun

3-1-1. to buy time for the cannon to recharge

3-1-2. to buy time for special unit True Valkyrie Cat to recharge

3-2. to keep the money from running out

4. Plane Cat knocking back Teacher Bun Bun to buy us even more precious time.

5. True Valkyrie Cat to deal considerable damage to Teacher Bun Bun.

6. The power-ups you have accumulated from your daily session with the game.


Teacher Bun Bun (Floating) is the final boss of Main-Chapter 3 in Battle Cats and appears in Stories of Legend mode.

This is the hardest, and strongest enemy in the empire of cats chapters. It is first seen in Chapter 3-48, known as Moon (Chapter 3-48) in the English version. Some Stories of Legend levels will also have Bun Bun Teacher and his colored variants. It has a massive 300,000 hp (that's 1/3 of its castle) and 9,000 damage. People say it is impossible to defeat, but it can be defeated with the proper strategy. Can be stopped by continuous "meatshield" spam (e.g Basic Cat, Tank Cat, or Boogie Cat).

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