Abridgimon Frontier Episode 4

Channel: Parodyox Productions


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Episode 4: Kazemon, Savior of the Universe

Takuya Kanbara/Mushroomon 2/Floramon – Twitchy Wings
Koji Minamoto/Lobomon/Mushroomon 1/Woodmon/French Narrator – SBG Haseo
Zoe Orimoto/Kazemon – DitzyDoo
Tommy Himi/Brenda – Mushy
JP Shibayama – CatNick
Bokomon/Mushroomon 3 – Masahiko Ichirou
Neemon – Zhiro GodofSandwiches
Ophanimon – Audrey Bolick
Narrator – Wil Wizard

Written by Twitchy Wings, SBG Haseo, Mushy, and DitzyDoo
Directed by SBG Haseo
Edited by SBG Haseo

"Hey Digimon" – Paul Gordon
"FIRE!" – Wada Koji
“Air Guitar” and “Generic Happy Music” – Nicol Armarfi
“Prepare for Battle” – Dennis Martin and Takeo Miratsu
"With the Will" – Watanabe Cher
“Ikazuchi no Theme”, “With the Will (BGM ver.)”, and “Kaze no Theme” – Arisawa Takanori
“Dustbowl”, ”Pursuit” “Watercolor”, and “Off Broadway” – iLIfe

Sound effects courtesy of freesound.org, sounddogs.com, spritedatabase.net, Sky Pirate Arcade, thanatosrealms.com, and Unreal Tournament 99

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