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Each day, there are millions of FUT players who customize their squads and take them online to battle out with friends and strangers alike from all over the globe. All FUT players at that point only want the football glory.

Since the Ultimate Team was started, it has only gotten bigger and much better with each yearly release. This has given players more ideas on building the ultimate team and allowed them to have much more fun with this fantasy football game.

The Tournaments

When starting to play the FIFA Ultimate Team, the best way to start is in Single Player Tournaments. Here, you will be able to earn coins and rewards depending on the tournament. You will have 14 tournaments to choose from, ranging from Starter Cup to Ultimate Cup. Starter Cup does not have any requirements, and you will be rewarded 500 with coins.

The Ultimate Cup is the difficulty level, and you will be required to have a Gold Pack, 2,000 coins and 100 team chemistry. Other Single Player tournaments come with various requirements that your team should meet. Take your time to win the tournaments so that you will have a good amount of coins, to be able to go to the transfer market.

Chemistry 101

In FUT, you may find that your team is made up of all of the best 11 players on earth, but if they lack chemistry, it will not matter. Teams that have low chemistry and high rating are always picked apart by teams that have high chemistry and a lower rating. So what do you do?

First, you should know that there are 2 things that go into the chemistry rating of a player – the players surrounding them and the position of that player. When a player is happy with the position he is playing, you will see it in a green dot.

That player automatically gets three chemistry points, adding to the extra point he got for being part of the starting lineup. The best thing to do here is to ensure that all players are happy with their positions, and this will increase the chemistry points.

Transfer Market

Even though soccer games in real life are lost and won on the field, you can win and lose FUT matches in the transfer market. While it is fun to open packs, you have to sell off the cards you do not want or buy a superstar you need in the transfer market. Get acquainted with the transfer market and learn how to navigate it in order to be a success in the game.

If you want a player, you can look for them in the Transfer Market’s Concept Team page. You can also search for a player by name in the Transfer Market. You can, alternatively, narrow down your options by Price, Club, League, Nationality, Chemistry style of that player, position or card quality.