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Top 5 Rare and Horrific Diseases

Congenital Melanocytic Nevus’ (or moles) are
found in infants at birth. A Congenital
Melanocytic Nevus appears in any size as a
light brown to black patch on various parts of
the body. This type of birthmark is located in
the area of the head and neck 15% of the

Crouzon syndrome is a genetic disorder
characterized by the premature fusion of
certain skull bones (“Craniosynostosis”). This
early fusion prevents the skull from growing
normally and effects the shape of the head
and face. Abnormal growth of these bones
leads to wide-set, bulging eyes. Vision
problems are caused by the positioning of the
eyes and shallow eye sockets. Other features
of this deformity include a beaked nose and
an underdeveloped upper jaw. As a result of
their underdeveloped jaw structure, dental
problems are likely to occur. In addition,
people with Crouzon syndrome suffer from
hearing loss, due to narrow ear canals.

This ailment is sometimes referred to as
“Stone Man Syndrome”. It is an extremely
rare disease associated with the connective
tissue of one’s body. In many cases, it is
caused by previous injuries and leads to an
individuals’ joints permanently freezing in
place. Fibro dysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
(FOP) is a disorder in which muscle tissue
and connective tissue are gradually replaced
by bone (ossified), forming bone outside the
skeleton (extra-skeletal or heterotopic bone)
that constrains movement.

Necrotizing Fasciitis is an infection caused by
bacteria. It can destroy skin, fat, and the
tissue covering the muscles within a very
short time. The disease is sometimes called
“flesh-eating bacteria”. Necrotizing Fasciitis
is very rare, but serious. Your risk of getting
this infection is higher if you have a weak
immune system (for genetic or behavioral
reasons, ie: use of steroids) or have chronic
health problems such as: diabetes, cancer,
liver or kidney disease. One is also
susceptible to this bacteria if they have
exposed cuts in the skin, including surgical
wounds, if they’ve recently had chickenpox or
other viral infections that cause a rash.

The “Vampire Disease”, or Porphyria
(scientific term), is a set of genetic disorders
in which an important part of hemoglobin
called “heme” is not produced properly.
People suffering from this disease face
symptoms similar to mythological vampires.
Their skin is sensitive to sunlight, their urine
is reddish to purplish in color, their gums are
shrunk, making the teeth more prominent and
they have an adverse reaction to garlic.