Lone Target | Season 1 Episode 1 | "South Africa: Safari Survival"

Channel: Carol F Jackson


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Lone Target, released internationally as Manhunt, is an American television series produced by Discovery Studios. The show follows ex-Navy SEAL Joel Lambert as he attempts to evade mock manhunts organized by various law enforcement and military units around the world.

Each episode pits Lambert against a different law enforcement or military unit (dubbed the "Hunter Force Unit"), in the location where it usually operates; both sides are aware of each other as this is treated as a training exercise. He is dropped off some distance from the designated extraction point with a basic survival kit, together with a cameraman and a warn dog. Once the Hunter Unit discovers an infiltration within their borders; the exercise begins and Joel must then covertly make his way to the extraction point within a limited amount of time, while avoiding his pursuers, who are tasked with finding and capturing him; simultaneously dealing with mother nature, as well as other unexpected events . A separate camera crew follows the pursuing unit

Overview of Episode: Ex-Navy SEAL Joel Lambert is hunted across a private game reserve in South Africa as he faces off against one of the most specialized forces yet, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF). With the reserve full of deadly animals including lions, leopards, elephants, and rhinos, Joel must be hyper aware of both the hunter force behind him – and the dangerous game ahead. Composed of ex-military and ex-poachers, the IAPF’s keen tracking skills allow them to spot even the faintest hint of Joel, without the aid of high tech assets. But when the IAPF finds a pride of lions on the prowl, the hunt changes to a life-and-death rescue mission to find Joel before he drinks a lion’s driz.[clarification needed] Joel does not believe that there are lines[clarification needed] after him as he thinks that it is a plot to get him to stop, so he continues.