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**Note: For those of you that are familiar with Kodi/Video Addons you will want to check out about 5:48 where I integrate your addon favorite shows and movies into the main library.**

How would you like to be able to stream any TV Show or Movie on any TV in your house for free? In this video, I am going to show you how to setup free media center software and install streaming video addons that will give you full access to the newest releases as well as old favorites.

You will be able to setup software in about 15 min on hardware that is very cheap starting at sub $40.

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Here is the post on how to load this software on a Fire TV Stick

There are no ongoing monthly or software fees. Furthermore, you will learn how to configure the media center software where your wife/girlfriend and even kids can easily use it. When done you will be able to simply add new shows and movies to your system at will, while your favorite TV shows will automatically add new episodes the same day they air. You will not download any files ever. Just simply stream media files from the web that are viewed no different than any other video streaming your family does already. Did I mention that there are no commercials to interrupt you watching your videos? 1Channel XBMC Kodi Library Integration is the ultimate package for your home theater.



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Step 3 Add to Library
IMPORTANT – While you are messing around in 1Channel or Genesis go to a TV Series/s and Movie/s you would want easy access to. Highlight the TV Series or Movie and press the “c” key on your keyboard or the menu key on other devices with a remote control. This will bring up the context menu and you will see an option to “add to library” click that one. Repeat that process to at least get a few TV series and Movies added to library. Do not add the same TV Series and Movies from the different addons. Example: Only add Big Bang Theory from 1Channel or Genesis, not both.

Slow down…. Just because we chose to add media to our main library does not mean it is there yet. To do this we will need to add a video source and point to our plugn folders. A video source differs from a video addon, as a source is a location on your machine or network where you can access metadata or actual media. Again, the addon is a plugin for your free media center software. We are going to add a source to access the metadata for all the movies/tv series we did the “add to library” function earlier and in the future.

The following is a onetime step.

•Go back to the home screen and go to videos and press down
oThis time we will click files
oOn the next screen if you do not see the word files then hit dots to go back until you do
oGo into files then hit “Add Videos”
In the address we will type the following “special://profile” without quotes
It will auto name it profile, it can be named whatever you want, but profile works great
Ok out and you will see it added the folder/source you just created
oNow we will setup to scan our favorite TV Series and Movies into the main Kodi Library
Go into the profile folder you just created and then into the “app data” folder
You will see both 1Channel and Genesis there
Select one and then highlight the TV Show folder
Press the “c” or menu key to bring up the context menu again and select “set content”
•Essentially what we are going to here is tell Kodi what kind on media is in the TV folder
Select TV Shows then press ok at the bottom
•You will see it start to scan in the meta data for all the TV Series you did the “add to library” function on earlier
oNote: It is not downloading or storing any media files, just the artwork, info, etc to stream later
Next select the Movie folder and repeat the context menu, set content process
•This time select Movies for the content and select the option that “all movies are in separate folders” then ok out
You would do the same thing for the other addon (1Channel or Genesis)

Step 4 The Payoff... Go to Main post for more.