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VIDEO: The finished rifle:
My 9mm Luger rifle build is progressing well. In this video I show how I transfered the firing pin location from the chamber to the breech breech block and then test fire the rifle after drilling the breech block for it's homemade firing pin. Special guest appearance by Miss Kitty, a discarded and then rescued, and re-socialized cat.
Update: I took the rifle to the range and started the range testing process. After six live ammo shots, the top two 4-40 cap screws that hold the breech face in the frame sheared off. This allowed the breech block to pivot backwards and the shell moved backwards as well jamming the gun in a closed position. It blew the primer out of the primer pocket and some grains of burnt powder hit me in the face. No injuries but there could have been if the breech block had not been retained in the frame. I plan to use stronger/larger fasteners to fix this problem.
Here's a really fascinating WIKI page about "bolt thrust" or "breech pressure":
If accurate, the article quantifies the typical force applied to a breech face by different rounds. Gives you an idea of how much strength needs to be designed into a breech.