Best TH9 Farming Method || Clash of Clans Town Hall 9

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A quick little video breaking down one of my go to farming methods at town hall level 9. At TH9, the loot bonus begins to come into play when farming resources. Sometimes a quick town hall snipe won't kill you if you are having issues finding 300k+ resource bases. I like to use the barch strategy, which consists of half barbarians and archers with about 5 wallbreakers to help me get into the first layer. It is very important to remember that this strategy is not useful in 3 starring bases...

In this video I also upgrade one of my mortars to level 6 finally

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I upload gaming videos, mostly playing clash of clans on my ios device. Starting at townhall level 4 working my way up to a maxed out base. Attacking and defending my way there. I will upload strategies and guides to clash of clans. I'm currently at townhall level nine, th 9, and I'm working to max my base out before upgrading to townhall nine. TH 9 will bring a ton of new things, but I want to max my walls out before getting there. Take a look at my video and let me know what you think! I always want to improve my gameplay, so any tips, hints, help, or anything to help me improve would be greatly appreciated

- explore a huge tropical archipelago full of danger and treasure
- play with thousands of other players, raid their bases and enjoy the spoils of war
- attack hundreds of unique island bases controlled by the evil Blackguard
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What's New in Version 12.18.1
Visual and interface improvements
- New combat interface!
- Hammerman's HQ now teased behind clouds
- Lots of new and improved graphics
- Sniper Tower health bar fixed

Game and balance changes
- New reward calculation for Dr. Terror's bases
- Flamethrower damage over time no longer burns after enemy HQ is destroyed

Bug fixes and optimizations
- Fixed crash bug when clicking on a battle log item at the same time the battle log screen is closing
- Fixed bug where pressing the unit info button while the screen was closing caused the game to crash
- Fixed bug where game could crash when going to sleep mode
- Fixed bug where scouting after finding a new opponent was directed to old opponent's base
- Various other bug fixes and optimizations