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Probably the fastest I've managed to do something like this, and yet I'm pretty satisfied.

Here, folks, are the animations for the "AssBlaster" NPC for GarrysMod, part of the Tremors lifecycle. This time the Model, texture and animations are 100% my handiwork, unlike the Graboid and Shrieker, in which I was helped by Stratos and Frito Master in the texturing process before I learned the skill myself.

The AssBlaster is from "Tremors 3", and is the final stage in the development of the Graboid species, so named for the chemically-induced aft-projected bio-combustion (or, in laymans terms, the flames it fire out of its ass) it uses both as a defense mechanism, and to launch itself skyward where it can glide and more effectively hunt.

These NPCs are being coded by Silverlan, and will be made publicly available for your enjoyment once finished.

Tremors, Graboids, Shriekers and AssBlasters are all the property of Universal, and not mine.

Also, the music here is "Why Not Tonight?", sung by Reba McEntire, and played over the ending credits of "Tremors". I don't own her either.