Download video: TF2 bot battle 18 : Pyro VS Heavy

Channel: 8PIC Dragon


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Do you smell it? The smell of some burned fatty russians guys?
And also, we learn today that the pyro CAN'T outsmart a bullet.

List of commands used in order:
sv_cheats 1
mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0
tf_bot_add 14 pyro blue
tf_bot_add 15 heavyweapons red
tf_bot_keep_class_after_death 1
tf_playergib 0

0:14 - Meatball Parade
3:07 - The X-Files Theme
4:08 - Kill Bill Soundtrack - Ironside Excerpt
4:17 - Volatile Reaction
5:25 - Immediate Music - Catch the Falling Sky
6:10 - Two Steps From Hell - Ironwing
6:31 - Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack
8:24 - Mad World

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Pourquoi les cadavres volent?!
Why dead bodies fly?!
Mod flying ragdoll: