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Here is a stretching and flexibility routine that I have put together from years of practice and experience. This is the most effective, and most useful stretching I have ever put together.

If you want good kicks or high kicks, you need flexibility. That flexibility, mostly, comes from the hip joints - NOT just from the muscles.

In fact, if you only stretch the muscles, and ignore the hips, you are going to aggravate your hip joints and cause yourself problems not only there, but in the knees as well, because you need overall flexibility, not just spot-flexibility.

WARM UP before doing ANY of this routine, and DON'T continue if you get any pains that don't feel like normal flexibility sensations.

A little tingling may occur, a little shaking of the legs may occur, but all of this is normal as long as there isn't a huge amount of pain.

One other important thing : DON'T rush towards your flexibility goals.. read this carefully :


If you RUSH you'll set yourself back three paces, every time, WITHOUT exception.

Do a little every day, not 3 hours once a week. If you follow this video, AND these guidelines, I guarantee you will make massive progress in as little as 4-6 weeks

For additional stretching routines for other parts of the body, and for a little credit to part of this routine, I want to give a shoutout to They have a program called 'Focused Flexibility' that I purchased, which I need to credit for part of this routine.

Check them out here;

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