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These are the things you need:
Something to mix the concrete/cement with
Wooden planks and a board
Legs for the table
Tiles (optional)
Strong glue for tiles

Step 1
You have to draw
a design of what you
want the park to look
like before you start to make it

I drew mine on
an A3 size paper
in a 1:4 scale. If you
draw your park in
a scale like this it
will be easier to build
all the obstacles for
the park.

Step 2
Build the table that
the park is going to
be on.

Cut out a board of strong
wood after the size of your
design. Put strong planks
on the sides of the board
so that you have a few some
space to pour in concrete as
a base of the park.

Put legs on the table
once it's finished.

Step 3
Fill the table with
a layer of rough
concrete or just cement.

Let it dry and pour in smooth
concrete or cement. Fill
the table all to the top.
NOTE: it's important that
you wet the area a little bit
before you put on the next
layer of concrete/cement.
Or else it will not stick.

Step 4
Cut out all the obstacles
for the park in styrofoam.
One thing to keep in mind
is that all the obstacles will
be thicker than the styrofoam
once it's covered with conrete.
So if you want a box that is
5cm tall you should cut it
4cm tall instead.

Glue the styrofoam
pieces together if
needed. Use harmless
glue that won't fret the
styrofoam. Glue the
pieces to the table.

Step 5
Put on a layer of rough
concrete or cement. As said
before, wet the concrete areas
that are being covered so that
the new concrete will stick.

Once the it's dry
you can glue on
the tiles if you want to.

Step 6
Put on a layer of
really smooth conrete
or cement.

Let it dry and
use sandpaper
to smoothen it up
even more if needed.

Step 7
Paint the concrete
to protect it. Use
paint that works on
conrete or cement.

After the paint
is dry the park
is all finished!