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Check out our latest Kung Fu Panda 3 Giant Play-doh Surprise egg! It is filled to the brim with toys, surprise blind bags, and fun. Included are Tokidoki Barbie, the new Num Noms, Little Fillies and more!

Shopkins Season 4 Petkins Giant Surprise Play-doh Egg

Disney Pixar THE GOOD DINOSAUR Giant Surprise Play-doh Egg


MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP GAMES Twilight Sparkle Meets Sci-Twi Giant Surprise Play-doh Egg


My Little Pony FRIENDSHIP GAMES Movie Apple Jack Giant Surprise Play-doh Egg

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My Little Pony FRIENDSHIP GAMES Equestria Girls Shadowbolts Giant Surprise Play-doh Egg


THE PEANUTS MOVIE Lucy and Charlie Brown Giant Surprise Play-doh Egg

My Little Pony Applejack and Apple Bloom Giant Surprise Play-doh Egg

SHOPKINS SHOPPIES DOLLS Giant Surprise Play-doh Egg

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Evies Toy House is a family friendly and kid friendly channel that unboxes and reviews popular toys, opens blind bags and blind boxes and giant play-doh surprise eggs! We also do challenges, collaborations, and lots and lots of giveaways!

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