Gogeta vs Janemba (Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn Movie 12)

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SSJ Gogeta Fusion vs Janemba Fight ( Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn Movie 12 ) - This video contains the Fusion of Gogeta (Goku and Vegeta fused together). The fusions are clips from Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Movie 12. Gogeta vs Janemba. Kakarot (Goku) and Vegeta trys to fuse to destroy the Evil Janemba but he keeps on getting in the way but then Pikkon comes to the rescue and saves the day letting Goku and Vegeta Fuse into making Gogeta. During the fight between Gogeta and Janemba you can catch scenes which include SSJ Trunks and SSJ Goten fuse to form SSJ Gotenks as well. Gogeta uses his Stardust Breaker technique to kill Janemba. Gotenks uses his Super Kamikaze Ghost Attack on Hitler and his army.

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