Download video: [Texture Hack] KH: Birth by Sleep - Final Mix - KH2 Lingering Will vs Terra-Xehanort

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Player: Lingering Will/Sentiment KH:2 version
World: Keyblde Graveyard "Wastland" KH2 version
Music: Rage Awakened Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
Level: 99

KH:2 Lingering Will Patch:[Gamplay (patch for BBS1.dat) and Cutscene(patch for BBS0.dat)]

KH:2 Wastland Patch: (Patch for BBS2.dat)

Vanitas Lingering Spirit replaced by Terra-Xehanort
(Patch for BBS0.dat):


1. you gotta have truths 1.0.3 english patch for bbs final mix
2. extract the bbs?.dat from the iso patched with truths patch
3. patch bbs?.dat with example.ppf using ppf-o-matic
4. replace the old bbs?.dat with the new one
5. rebuild the iso


1. necesitas tener el parche en ingles 1.0.3 de KH:BbSFM creado por keytotruth
2. extrae el archivo bbs?.dat de la iso con el parche de keytotruth
3. parchea el archivo bbs?.dat con example.ppf usando ppf-o-matic
4. remplaza el viejo bbs?.dat por el nuevo.
5. reconstruye la Iso

Now you can enjoy KH2 Wasteland in Easy Modding Station credits goes to Yosh "venger74"

Easy Modding Station:

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Special Thanks:
KeytoTruth Programs
Kuraza25 Guide

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