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This video will show you my first homemade gun shooting at different targets.

The velocity with the 0.45 gram/6,9 grain bullets was measured three times and gave an average of 290 m/s (952,2 fps) and a power of 18,8 nm, (13,9 ft/lb).

The 2 gram/30,8 grain steel bullet gave 153,3 mps/503,1 fps and a powder of 23,46 nm/17,31 ft*lbs.
It shot clean through the 18mm wooden board at 2-2,5 meters

This gun originaly started it's life as a fire piston. When that project failed, I took the sylinder and drilled a small hole in the rear end, before drilling another one perpendicular near the end, where the ''sight'' is positioned now. I then filed a nail so that the head would fit in the barrel and the stem would stick out the small rear hole. In the second hole I placed a pin trough the barrel in front of the nail head, locking it in the barrel with a little slack. This made the firing pin. A simple stock, a single action trigger mechanism from copper was made and the barrel was glued to the stock.

To prime the gun I took out the paper ring in a toy cap and dropped it down the barrel so that it landed between the nail head and the the nail going across the barrel. Armstrong's mix and a 8mm airsoft bullet was added. A simple design but it worked, at least for a while.

After some time the trigger mechanism failed to set of the paper cap. I then replaced the copper hammer with a stainles steel one, and I replaced the firing pin with a nipple that would fit a cap on the end, making loading much easier. The pin in the barrel was removed and the hole blocked with a bolt. When laying in my workshop, our dog took the stock and chewed on the handle, so I had to remake that as well.

''I am not going to build a tutorial on how to make one of these, it's too in depth. If you're a good enough machinist, you should be able to figure out how this works and how the mechanism works, its the simplest action in the world, and if you're skilled enough to actually build something like this you should be able to figure out how to make it yourself, without my help.''

Blueprint (I don't have any blueprint for this exact gun, but it's very similar to this one):

Trigger mechanism animation:

This gun was condemned on 14. May 2015. The ''sight'' was removed and the threads were drilled out, so it is no longer capable of firing shots with an explosive charge.

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