Pokemon White 2 Hack: Vs. Maxie and Archie

Channel: GarchompKing56


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Yes, another hack battle for today. Only because I didn't feel like being in Showdown today. xD It was scheduled for tomorrow, but I just simply felt like doing it now. So, I battle alongside Justin once again, versus two very familiar faces... And the question is, what are they doing over there? LOL

Since Maxie and Archie both have a Crobat and Mightyena, I split the two, and gave them a new Pokemon from Hoenn. Simple.

Yes, Justin has a Tyranitar. Just in his Pokemon Y. xD

Jet's OWs were made by Varo Saifuru
Jet's backsprite were made by TiniVi
Justin's sprites were all made by RubyCarbuncIe
Maxie's trainer sprite was by xxdarkdrakkenxx on deviantArt
Archie's trainer sprite was by Pokecreator on deviantArt and edited the arm a bit by me
Both Maxie and Archie's OWs were made by OceansLugiaSpirit on deviantArt
The theme used was GlitchxCity's remix of The Magma/Aqua Boss theme from R/S/E