Warrior Cats Opening (fan made)

Channel: Silvernazo97


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*Edit- Okay, so people keep debating in the comments section about how this looks a lot like SSS' style. Now, I'm not going to disagree, I can see and accept myself that there are designs and animation styles that may seem similar so there's no need to keep telling me. However, I was making this for fun and to test out flash (which was new to me at the time), not to get views or try and overpower someone else's animations. I had seen SSS' work prior to making this, so yes that's how I would often imagine the characters in the books and I couldn't imagine some in any way. I didn't take much consideration into character designs for this opening, as I said before I was only making this for fun, and some did turn out similar to SSS' designs without me paying much attention; so yes some SSS inspiration may be in there. However, inspiration does not mean someone is copying others' work; without inspiration there would be nothing creative. Erin Hunter would have been inspired by something to write her books, SSS was inspired by Erin Hunter's work as was I. In general, my main inspiration for this opening just came from the book series and other general anime opening styles; I'm sure SSS was inspired by anime to make an opening as they did. SSS does an amazing job, I'm definitely not trying to copy them or be better in any way, because I know I'm not better XD This is my own animation that I created (which isn't all that great to me anymore because it's quite old now), and I just want people to enjoy it without getting into fights in the comment section. So go ahead and just enjoy the video :)


I love the Warriors series, and really wanted to make my own animated opening to it :) I know there are a lot of other animated openings to this, and some are a lot better than this, but I still wanted to give it a shot :) I worked really hard on this, so hopefully most of you enjoy it ^^

A few things to point out.

- Yeah, usually I make Scourge's collar red, but seeing how this is an opening, I decided to make it the original purple collar, so I hope all you who complain about the colour are happy!

- Please don't upload or use this opening without my permission, if you wish to do anything with it, please ask me first.

- I was also going to upload the japanese version to this, but it gets muted due to copyright claim :/ So English is all I can do sorry.

* I don't own any of the characters, story or song

Author of Warriors- Erin Hunter

Song- Monochrome no Kiss ~ first Black Butler opening

Animation- Me

Programs used- Flash Professional CS5
Paint Tool SAI