Download video: Hypnotic Affirmations: Embracing My Wonderful Female Life

Channel: David Bradley


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Initializing link download... Initializing link download..... , This hypnotic affirmation feminization recording, embracing my wonder female life, is one of a series of feminization recordings, we have produced here at keys to feminization, designed to install and strengthen, different aspects and pathways, of your inner woman. The part of your subconscious mind that contains your female identity, beliefs and mindsets. With these hypnotic affirmations, we will be programing this part of your subconscious mind. So you can become the woman, you desire to be. Allowing you to let go, of old patterns of behaviour, that came from a time before you were really you. Making your wonderful feminine reality, your complete reality now. Because these hypnotic affirmations are designed to strengthen and reinforce the patterns of behaviour and thoughts of your inner woman, so any old patterns cannot fire and will begin to fade away, because they are not part of you anymore. So you can get on with your life, knowing your subconscious will naturally express your feminine nature, so the world sees a naturally beautiful woman. As you find every part of you, absorbed into your feminine nature, completely and naturally. Allowing you to embrace your female life, fully and without question. installing rock solid confidence in yourself, as a woman, so being a confident woman becomes part of your inner woman's identity, deep in your subconscious mind, using trance and affirmations to firmly implant new beliefs and mindsets . so now is the time for us to begin this wonderful transformational process.

Power affirmations are a powerful change technology, using the tried and tested process of affirmations, that use repetition to install new beliefs in your subconscious mind. To make the process more effective power affirmations add brainwave entrainment . The isochronic tones added to the recording slow your brainwaves down to the level of theta brainwaves. This creates a very receptive and relaxed state, in which mental and emotional barriers that normally make the mind resistant to change as more easily bypassed, making it much more likely that the affirmation will be effective.