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Sri Lanka Condom Demonstration
intercourse safer:

If you're using a male condom (detailed instructions here) to have safe sex, you should put the condom on as soon as your partner's penis becomes erect. Putting the condom on early will reduce the risk of passing on any diseases that are spread from skin-to-skin as well as the risk of forgetting to put one on later during your sexual encounter... when you are swept away by the heat of a moment.

Female condoms can be inserted even earlier (detailed instructions here), although you may need to use a little lube both on the outside and on the inside.

It is important to leave enough room at the tip of the condom for the person wearing it to ejaculate. Failure to leave room can increase the risk of condom breakage. For similar reasons, it's important to make certain that there is no air trapped in the tip of the condom when you first put the condom on.

After the penetrative sexual partner has orgasmed (i.e. the person wearing the condom) they should make certain to hold the base of the condom as they are withdrawing their penis from their partner's body. This makes slippage less likely and decreases the odds of a condom failure.

Always check the expiration date of the condom before you open the packet. You should also make certain that the condom package is intact by checking for the air bubble.

It's a good idea to use a water- or silicone-based lubricant for intercourse. Proper lubrication reduces the risk of tearing and other damage during sex, which can reduce the risk of transmitting an STD. However, you may want to avoid lubricants that contain nonoxynol-9.

Lubrication is important even if you're using lubricated condoms. Keeping a bottle of your favorite brand next to the bed is never a bad idea.

If you start to put a condom on inside out, you should throw it out and start over again with a new condom. You shouldn't roll it off and try again.