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Torkoal Sweep Pokemon X and Y
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Torkoals main problem after getting a shell smash buff, Is that It lacks way too much speed even with +2 . A high base speed or choice scarf pokemon can easily revenge kill.
It doesn't have the greatest movepool In the world but It does have a nice stab and decent coverage. It has great base defence which gives you ample opportunity to set a smash up or whatever set you are running. Another flaw with It Is hidden power, choosing between Ice and grass Is a tough choice as It can be walled by both. The set below Is what I prefer to run for a sweeper.

Torkoal modest nature, Item salac berry 252 sp Att and speed.
White herb Is great too so you are not weak to priority. Salac gives you a must needed speed buff but can be situational at the same time.The choice Is really yours, I just love the extra speed buff.

Flamethrower Fire Blast, prefer FF over FB For Accuracy.
Earth Power - You really need this for opposing fire types
Shell smash - Staple for boosting your stats by +2
Hidden Power - Really there's no way around Grass or Ice choice. Grass beats down water types who are not too bulky, where as Ice hits dragon which will otherwise wall you or tank your hit.

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