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Go to any vendor. Buy all of one ammo type. In this tutorial I'm using .308 Rounds. The ammo you select must have 11 or more Rounds to perform this glitch. Sell one round back the Vendor. Sell the rest of the rounds back to the Vendor.

Keep selling the round back to the vendor until the total cost gets close to your Caps. I stop around 200 Caps total cost. Do not exceed your caps or the glitch will not work.

Keep buying the round type that is in your inventory. I stop buying rounds when the vendor is minus 2,200,000. Buy all the vendors inventory except the round type in your inventory

Accept the transaction with X button. Go to the power armor station and store your new inventory. Fast travel to a place where you can sleep outside of Diamond City

Sleep for 24 hours. This will replenish the vendors. Then return to Diamond City and repeat the process until you're satisfied with your caps and inventory

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