GW2 High DPS Warrior WvW (NIGHTMARE BUILD v.2)

Channel: Barczyk875


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"NIGHTMARE" BUILD v.2";4RKFM0o-kL-60;9;49TJ-94;039A17;24;04-H7;26TsW6TsWn-kKNL35;3w-wW6Y9Z8_E5270G-2H;4a;9;9;9;9;97c;34k3t

Changes compared to my first "NIGHTMARE BUILD":

3x knight's items (head,chest,gloves)
1x cavalier's ring
6x rune of melandru

Traits: I have changed only "Furious Reaction" with "Unsuspecting Foe" because after my shield stun my burst will always crit (even without food / fury)

About stats:
- around 9% less crit dmg compared to first version
- around 3% less crit chance
- around 500 armor more compared to first version

We have way better survival with little less dps.

Have fun!


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